Alyce Dupook


Alyce Dupook is an elf, which already makes him a minority in York. But even rarer than a typical elf is one like Alyce, who prefers the boisterous, carefree company of humans to his own people’s quiet, serious culture. When Alyce came of age he decided he wanted to become a bard, but only if he could study at the human bard college in Dorsang. His family refused to pay humans to teach an elf about the arts, so Alyce did the unthinkable: he set out for York, the local human capital, to submit himself to the duke and request a scholarship to bard school.

Impressed with Alyce’s audacity, Duke Elliott of York agreed to sponsor his study if Alyce would swear to serve him for the rest of the duke’s life—a short span from an elf’s perspective. Alyce agreed, and after graduation he gladly returned to the excitement and luxury of life in the duke’s court. Officially he is the duke’s chronicler, but this job leaves him plenty of time to pursue his other interests: poetry, revelry, and love.

Alyce’s long, golden hair and dazzling smile make him a favorite among both women and men at Duke Elliott’s court—Alyce isn’t picky about gender. Right now he has two favorites: Thessa Warden, Duchess Evaine’s battlemaiden, and Lord Elliott, the duke’s oldest son and heir. While Alyce is happy to play at love with both of them, his own heart belongs to another: Lady Lily Blackfield of Gaunt.

Alyce met Lily when they were both students at bard college, and her glorious singing voice captivated him instantly. They fell in love and had a passionate affair until Lily regretfully ended their relationship, insisting that as a noblewoman she must save herself for a more advantageous marriage. Alyce let her make her choice, but he still hopes that one day they will meet again and he will change her mind. He is convinced that anyone with a voice like Lily’s must have the Song of Creation written into her spirit, and that if only she could sing with the High Elves she would cease aging and they could be together forever.


Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott began playing Dungeons & Dragons in Knoxville in 1982, and came to love psionics, rangers, and the Maul of the Titans during the reign of AD&D. He started roleplaying with Peter when he ran a short-lived 4th Edition D&D game, and eventually joined Peter’s Burning Wheel campaign set in Chaldea. Now the proud father of three young roleplayers, Scott spends his days in sales and marketing work for Gen Con LLC and his free time creating and enjoying adventures with the next generation.


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