Apophis Nemir Batah


Apophis Nemir Batah

Apophis Nemir Batah is a tall and muscular Nubian, one of very few black men in the island nation of Perrin. Captured and sold into slavery as a youth, he ended up serving as a galley slave on a pirate ship called the Misty Raven. During his time with the pirates Apophis became close friends with a priest of Ra named Tobias Kirk, whom everyone called “the Chaplain.” The Chaplain converted Apophis to Ra worship and trained him to be a cleric as well.

When Apophis had served on the Misty Raven long enough to earn his freedom, he wasn’t sure where to go. The emperor had outlawed Ra worship throughout the empire, and priests of Ra who got caught were often publicly tortured and executed. The Chaplain suggested that Apophis get in touch with his old friend Jack Rover, the Reeve of York, who helped organize underground worship services for the outlawed gods and would likely know where a priest of Ra might be welcome.

When Apophis got to York, Jack Rover surprised him by taking him directly to meet Duke Elliott. The duke agreed to protect Apophis’s secret and allow him to lead clandestine worship services in the city under the priest name Corona. In return Apophis swore loyalty to the duke and entered his service as a warrior/blacksmith. A few months later the duke assigned Apophis to serve his son, Lord Robin, as a bodyguard, telling him he hoped that Apophis would protect Robin with both his war mace and his divine gifts.

Apophis enjoys working for Robin because the young lord’s desire to do good in the world echoes his own and makes him feel less alone in this strange place. He hopes that one day he can convert Robin to Ra worship and the two of them can work together to let the light of Ra shine freely in the empire once more.

Cliff “CJ” Jones

Cliff “CJ” Jones was one of the original founders of Wizards of the Coast and has worked for various software and gaming companies since the early ’90s. He has been roleplaying with Peter and Steve since 1981, running his own D&D campaign called Free Realm and playing in Peter’s D&D and Burning Wheel campaigns, both set in Chaldea. CJ is currently the IT director for Gen Con LLC.


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